Life Extension Cylinders


In 2017, the DOT approved 

LExTM technology that extends 
the life of SCBA cylinders to 
30 years from the 
Original Manufacture Date.
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How does the LEx
TM process work?  FIRST, Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) testing uses non-destructive vibration technology to find and analyze microscopic flaws in the carbon-fiber SCBA cylinder. SECOND, the aluminum liner is reconditioned to repair those flaws, and extend its life.
Learn more about DOT Special Permit 16320.

  Three ways to get Life Extended Cylinders:  

LEx Service

Send in your old cylinders for
Life Extension Service.

We will send you boxes!

$300.00 ea

LEx Cylinders

Purchase Life Extended Cylinders 
directly from Dalmatian.

$350.00 for 30/4500
$375.00 for 45/4500
$400.00 for 60/4500

LEx Cylinder Swap

Can’t function without cylinders?
First receive your Dalmatian Life Extended Cylinders, then send us your old cylinders.

Use the boxes they came in!

$325.00 ea 

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