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SCBA Traceability

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Traceability is Key to Dalmatian’s Standard of Excellence

Dalmatian Fire Equipment incorporates traceability best practices throughout its SCBA refurbishing process. Using RFID technology, Dalmatian can track every piece and part of the SCBA pack in its system, including where it’s located, the status of its condition and who worked on it. Traceability ensures an organized, efficient manufacturing process for us and safe, high-quality SCBA and breathing air cylinders for you.

• RFID Tracking is the Key Technology


Having traceability from the beginning to end of our process is important to us. It requires dedication from management and staff in every department 

Dalmatian has implemented RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to obtain real-time information on all SCBAs for inventory and production management. Upon arrival in our warehouse an RFID tag is attached to each SCBA.  Antennae are in place so that via readers, the tags can be activated indicating their status and location.beginning with receiving. When the SCBA packs arrive at Dalmatian, our receiving department has four key objectives: identify, evaluate, RFID tag and store the product.

Once the traceability is established it is time to store the pack. Dalmatian typically has 5,000-8,000 packs in storage at any given time in one of our two facilities. We also have 6,000-10,000 cylinders in inventory at any given time. To maintain the configurations of five different brands over a 20 year history takes a lot of inventory, and Dalmatian has it.  It’s no small task to keep track of an inventory this large, but having a formal system ensures reliability.

When an order is placed for an SCBA, the unit is pulled from storage and the RFID tag is registered and linked to the order. The pack is completely dismantled for deep cleaning and repair. If a part needs to be replaced, that information is captured in our RFID system. 

The RFID system is critical for documenting the many tests we perform on the SCBA packs. When the tests are passed, a copy of the test results is saved within the RFID tracking system, capturing the next level of information on the pack.

• Quality You Can Trust

Every pack is individually cleaned, repaired and tested. When you receive a pack from Dalmatian, the RFID tag and the information exclusive to each pack travel with it. Dalmatian’s RFID tag carries the initials of every person at every station who worked on it, including the QA person who performs the final check.

Traceability through RFID technology may seem like a lot of extra effort for a company that salvages and refurbishes equipment. We don’t think so. Your safety as a fire fighter or oil field worker is our top concern, so we don’t cut corners with our SCBA packs. In fact, our Dalmatian team does more than expected or required because we know what’s at stake…your breath of life.