SCBA Masks

  • MSA G1 Mask


    MSA G1 Mask

    The G1 Facepiece was designed without electronic components, to minimize weight, reduce your stress and fatigue and improve your overall performance level. This design also means that there are no electronic components on the outside of the...

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  • Scott AV-3000 CBRN HT Mask - Pre-Owned

    Scott AV-3000 CBRN HT Mask - Pre-Owned

    AV-3000 CBRN High Temperature (HT) FACEPIECE - Cleaned & Tested The AV-3000 offers improved downward and peripheral vision as well as enhanced clarity of voice communication through larger dual voicemitters. Tested and meets the requirements of CBRN...

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  • MSA Ultra Elite Facepiece


    MSA Ultra Elite Facepiece - Pre-Owned

    ULTRA ELITE FACEPIECE MSA offers you the choice of three sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. The Ultra Elite face piece design provides exceptional peripheral and downward vision, enhanced communication capabilities and comfort. Features include: ¼...

  • Scott Hairnet & Straps

    Scott Replacement Hairnet and Straps

    Replacement Hairnet and Straps designed specifically for the AV-3000 and AV-2000 series. Replacement kit ensures optimal comfort, functionality, and safety. Crafted from high-grade materials, replacement hairnet and straps are designed to withstand the...

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