Scott SCBA Masks

  • Scott AV-3000 CBRN HT Facepiece

    Scott AV-3000 CBRN HT Mask - Pre-Owned

    AV-3000 CBRN High Temperature (HT) FACEPIECE - Cleaned & Tested The AV-3000 offers improved downward and peripheral vision as well as enhanced clarity of voice communication through larger dual voicemitters. Tested and meets the requirements of CBRN...

  • Scott Voice Amplifier - EPIC 3 Scott Voice Amplifier - EPIC 3 RI

    Scott Voice Amplifier - Pre-Owned

    Scott Voice Amplifier Designed to promote stronger person-to-person communications. Powered by a single 9-volt battery. Up to 20 hours of continuous operation without a single battery change. Lightweight, weighing only 5.9 oz with battery. Can be...

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