About Us

At Dalmatian® Fire Equipment, LLC., we take immense pride in being the leading supplier of pre-owned Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and cylinders in North America. Our commitment to the firefighting community is unwavering, driven by a passion for safety, quality, and service excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide firefighters with unbeatable prices for clean and comprehensively tested breathing apparatus. We understand the life-saving importance of reliable equipment and are dedicated to ensuring that every firefighter has access to top-notch gear, regardless of budget constraints.

A Trusted Name

Dalmatian® is synonymous with quality, especially within the volunteer firefighting community. Our reputation has been built on relentless attention to detail, rigorous testing standards, and attentive customer service. Fire departments and firefighters across North America trust us to deliver the equipment they need.

Large Inventory 

With a typical inventory of up to 10,000 SCBA packs, we stand ready to meet the diverse needs of firefighting organizations. Each pack is refurbished to order, ensuring that it meets our stringent quality standards. We take pride in using parts manufactured 100% by the original equipment manufacturer, guaranteeing performance and safety.

Environmental Responsibility

We've also taken steps to ensure our refurbishment processes are environmentally friendly. From ultrasonic cleaners to commercial extractors, we've engineered in-house cleaning processes that address the unique requirements of fire equipment while minimizing our environmental impact.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

Safety is our top priority. Our packs are not just tested to meet industry standards; they exceed them. Posichek analysis and our proprietary in-house quality control systems ensure that every pack we provide is exceptionally reliable.

Cylinder Testing Expertise

In addition to SCBA packs, we also specialize in cylinder testing. Our meticulous process includes standard visual inspections, electromagnetic eddy-testing for thread continuity, and hydrostat testing in our DOT certified in-house hydrostat testing facility.

Dalmatian® Fire Equipment, LLC. is a trusted partner in the firefighting community. We are here to support you with cost-effective, high-quality SCBA equipment and cylinders that meet the highest industry standards.

Thank you for choosing Dalmatian® for your firefighting equipment needs.


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