Quality Assurance


Testing...Testing 1,2,3

The final step of Dalmatian’s refurbishment process is Quality Assurance (QA). According to Code of Federal Regulations and Standards, completion of a valid Posicheck and hydro stat test is sufficient.

We guarantee our packs for 10 years. This means that we have to get it perfect when it goes out the door. We don’t want packs coming back for additional work. We want that pack to function for another 10 years without a problem. This last readjustment is what makes a huge difference in the quality of Dalmatian’s packs.

Every pack is individually tested and when you receive a pack from Dalmatian it will have a paper tag on it with the initials of every person that has worked on it at every station. The QA person ensures this and initials as well. The last essential part of QA is to pair the pack specification to the order. This last step of order validation is really important to prevent us from shipping the wrong pack or the wrong components to someone. In rare instances the packs are rejected. This QA piece is an above and beyond step that Dalmatian does, but it’s what makes the difference.

Quality Assurance is the most vital step in the refurbishing process because SCBA’s are personal: they provide the most critical of all functions — the breath of life while the fireman is in the fire. This equipment needs to be trustworthy through all types emergencies driven stress.

To support the dangerous task of fighting fires, the packs are massively robust and overly designed, which is a great starting point for the Dalmatian Fire process. The team classifies, standardizes configuration, disassembles, cleans, stitches and polishes, corrects prior repairs, reassembles, exhaustively tests, adjusts – and ultimately a human breathes through each pack before shipping out to the customer in need.

But most of all, Dalmatian Fire creates renewal and rejuvenation with massive TLC.