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Digital Wave Exploded Cyinders to Prove 30 Year Life


The math and science that prove cylinders life can be 30 years

When Digital Wave began their tests to prove that cylinders could have a longer service life, they had a lot to prove. They developed the theories and math, and needed to verify them with test data. The testing, math and theory all aligned to prove the safety of LEx cylinders, and their longer service life.

Digital Wave applied math and testing methods already used for cylinders of other types, to the unique characteristics of carbon fiber SCBA cylinders. That math predicted the failure point of a cylinder, as well as the pressure and time it would fail. In the end, the proof was overwhelming: cylinders have a much longer service life than the previous 15 year limit. To make sure their math and theories were correct Digital Wave tested SCBA cylinders donated by fire departments all over the country. Today Digital Wave has tested about 1 million cylinders of various types that prove the math and theories they developed.

The new testing method is based on Modal Acoustic Emissions (MAE). The MAE testing process includes attaching the cylinder to machines that record the internal pressure and the response to a variety of frequencies. MAE is like seismology: the testing helps map out the cylinder and any imperfections that could be in the cylinder. Extending Digital Wave's MAE math to carbon fiber SCBA cylinders was verified by destructive tests when they measured hundreds of cylinders as they exploded. The math predicted the pressure, time and the exact location where each cylinder would explode. It all proved that a 30 year life was completely safe.  The DOT agreed, and you can buy them now. You can  extend the life of your old cylinder, or purchase a Life Extended cylinder

This is how Digital Wave and MAE testing led to the development of LEx. For more information check out Dalmatian’s  FAQ page on LEx as well as Digital Wave’s website. You can also watch an actual MAE test to the point of explosion: Watch Now.

It's All Outdated

Truth as to why SCBA’s have a 15 year service life The math that determines SCBA cylinder’s service life limits is old and outdated! Cylinders that are used throughout the US have an original service life limited to 15 years based on the studies and data used by the Department of Transportation. This data was compiled by the US Navy [...]

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Fire Work Safety

Happy Independence Day!As we head into the week of Fourth of July there will be a lot of fun, happiness and fireworks. Dalmatian Fire Equipment is in the safety business and we would like to share some firework safety tips with you all. This week remember to:Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworksKnow your fireworks; read the [...]

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Cylinder ProcessingCylinders are handled within a separate line in Dalmatians refurbishing process. Under this line, Dalmatian is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and certified with a DOT RIN number. This means that we are subject to random inspections to make sure that all of our procedures are followed. After a cylinder is [...]

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Final Assembly

Put It All TogetherThe key goal of final assembly is to verify that every component is put into place correctly so that it passes all of the code of federal regulations testing that is required for Dalmatian to meet. (29 CFR 1910.134) This is a very comprehensive testing process and sometimes requires additional disassembly and [...]

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The First Step to Refurbishment

Step OneDalmatian’s business is renewal and rejuvenation. Our business takes items that have little or no use when they arrive, and add value to capture the remaining service life. The advantage Dalmatian has at the outset is that the products themselves are designed to withstand massive abuse. They are designed to be drug through mud [...]

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Industrial Cleaning

The Second StepWe call the next step of the refurbishing process industrial cleaning. This step of the process happens after an order has been received from the customer. The pack is torn down for deep cleaning and preliminary repair. The preliminary repair process includes disassembly, industrial cleaning, sewing and reassembly.DisassemblyThe first step is disassembly. Here [...]

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How safe is your SCBA breathing air cylinder?

How safe is your SCBA breathing air cylinder? “They’re very safe,” said Russ Kates, president, Dalmatian Fire Equipment. “They are extremely strong and built to withstand many times the pressure they are designed to operate at for firefighting, according to Department of Transportation (DOT) Standards.” Even with their strength and durability, carbon fiber and aluminum cylinders must be hydro tested [...]

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